Quick Start

What is EasyTesting

EasyTesting is a service for automated testing. It gives an easy way to start using automated testing in your product. Briefly, EasyTesting gives you two things: Chrome extension that allows to record tests with minimal experience and cloud platform to run your tests.

Quick Start

Start by signing in to EasyTesting. If you don't have an account yet, sign up and create a new account.

Project Structure

Easy Testing provides the following hierarchy: Projects -> Suites -> Tests. The first thing you need to create is a Project, usually it is convenient to have one Project for one web site you work with. Suites are used to logically group your Tests.

Test is the main thing in EasyTesting. It corresponds to some business flow that you want to test, e.g. you will probably have a Test for you Login flow, to make sure that you Login form works.

Follow the next steps to create and run your first Test.

Create a Project

Goto app.easytesting.io/app Click New Project button and fill the form.

  • Name is your project name.

  • Start URL is a default URL of you a website that you want to test, you can override it later.

  • Window Size is a resolution of a Browser that will run a test, you can leave a default value.

Create a Suite

The second step is to create a Suite. Click New Suite button and fill the form, the only thing you need to provide is a Suite name.

Install the extension

The cool thing in EasyTesting is the Google Chrome extension. It provides an easy way to record/create tests, you just use your website as usual and it records this as test steps. At the same time, you can edit these steps, add new or remove some.

Install the extension from the Google Chrome web store. The extension adds a new EasyTesting tab to Chrome Developer Tools (press F12 to open it).

Record a Test with extension

  • Open a website you want to test in Google Chrome browser in a new Tab

  • Open Chrome Developer Tools (press F12) and goto EasyTesting tab

  • Enter your EasyTesting credentials

  • Select a Project

  • Click Record

  • You should see the first step in your test I’m on page “your page”

Here we are testing our own site :)
  • Go through the flow you want to test (you will see new steps)

  • When you are done click Pause

  • Open hamburger menu (in the left) and click Save

  • Select a Suite and provide a Test name, save it.

  • After that Test is saved to the EasyTesting cloud and you can run it

You may switch to Code mode and see a plain JavaScript code in CodeceptJS format. CodeceptJS is the popular open source Framework for automated testing.

Additionally, the extension allows you to run the test without saving it, click Run in Cloud for that.

Run Test

  • Open a Project then Suite and find the Test you just created

  • Click Run Test

  • You will see a popup with EasyTesting running your test, this is the main magic.

  • Your Test should pass and you should see a message about that